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A Trim Healthy Mama 's Kitchen

Tips, Tricks and Tour to Make Life in Your THM Kitchen Easier and More Enjoyable

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Below are pictures sent to me by other Trim Healthy Mama's of their kitchens for more organization ideas

  • kristenhayphotography

    on March 2, 2015

    Mary Farr--you should be able to find me under my name as Kristen Flournoy Hay =)

  • Mary Farr

    on March 1, 2015

    Kristen......I would also like to get a copy of your meal planning sheet.....I'm on facebook but can't seem to find you on there to message my e-mail to. Can you tell me who/what to look for on facebook? TIA

  • kristenhayphotography

    on February 28, 2015

    Nicole and Connie I tried to upload a link for my meal planning sheet and the link doesn't seem to be working for some reason. I will keep working on it and hopefully have it ready for you to print soon. In the mean time, you are free to message me your email address on Facebook and I can email it you. =)

  • Connie Shaw

    on February 28, 2015

    Thanks for all the drink recipes!! I also love your Healthy Moma Menu

  • Nicole Dickson

    on February 28, 2015

    I love your menu template. Do you have a downloadable version somewhere or would you mind sharing one with me? Pretty please.

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